Culfidant Community

Discover the joy of RSCing...

Culfidant is a newly coined term combining “Cultural” and “Confidant”. Our mission is to connect individuals who share similar values and promote decency, sharing, caring, and trust.


Our first project, the Culfidant community, is our way of putting this mission into action.


Instead of treating the relationship between landlords and tenants as merely transactional, we aim to foster a sense of camaraderie and trust through the sharing of homes.


In the traditional sense, landlords and renters are often at odds with each other, resulting in frequent media coverage of dramatic and confrontational situations. We wondered if it was even possible for landlords and tenants to coexist peacefully and care for each other like friends.


Fortunately, our own experience has shown us that it is possible to make the “impossible” happen naturally.


In 2005, a group of engineers founded Flying Stone Canada Ltd, a residential real estate investing company. After many setbacks and failures, we discovered that the most meaningful way to succeed in this business is to connect naturally through decency, sharing,  caring, and trust (RSCing = Renting + Sharing + Caring)


Instead of focusing solely on renting houses, we shifted our focus to sharing homes happily.


We started small, by cleaning every nook and cranny of the homes we owned and addressing maintenance issues promptly. We also showed appreciation for our long-term residents by giving them delightful gifts and treats.


As a result, our clients started to react positively in return. They began treating the homes they rented as if they belonged to a dear friend and even fixed minor issues on their own. They chose to stay longer, instead of moving out after just a few months, and happily referred their friends to us.


Through word-of-mouth, more and more people joined our community, and the Culfidant community was born naturally. Members connect with each other through decency, sharing, caring, and trust, promote best practices and guidelines, and enjoy sharing homes happily ever after.


We consider ourselves lucky to have stumbled upon the powerful secret of Culfidant, which is how to truly share “decency, care, and trust.” This not only allowed our business to thrive but also transformed every rental property we owned into a home that all human beings cherish the most.


Now, we’re excited to share this treasure with the world. We invite you to join us, one home at a time, in making the “impossible” happen naturally.