I still vividly remember the conversation I had with the lawyer to set up Flying Stone Canada back in 2005. He looked a bit confused after staring at the company name for a while and half-jokingly asked, “It sounds like some sort of martial arts school to me. Why Flying Stone? We all know stones can’t fly…”

I replied, “That’s the exact point. Look around – true, no stone can fly and they all lay around on the ground still. However, if you think again, you will realize that all the small dust afloating in the air are some type of stones flying in the air. And if you look far and deep, …” Read More… 

Culfidant Community

Discover the joy of RSCing ( = Renting + Sharing + Caring)

“… That was the moment when I was struck by a lightning bolt. Suddenly, I realized that in all the years of struggling, I had missed the key to getting rid of all these horrible nightmares – finding a great tenant to settle in and take care of the homes for years to come, just like Lisa did. The even more important question is: What can I do to attract these great tenants in the first place, and most importantly, how can they stay and enjoy the homes for years to come? Once I realized what the key questions were to ask, the rest was history…” Read More…


“… We strive to attract people who find joy in working with us as a bonus to their job. We look for individuals who possess the following traits:

01). Like to work under “the first principles” instead of being told what to do exactly;
02). Are motivated by the desire to create a better future for themselves while also helping our clients reach a better and more enjoyable stage than before they met us.

03). Achieve an order of magnitude progress through continuous effort and openness to welcome opportunities of serendipity and uncertainty.. ” Read More …. 


Our approach to staff training consists of two steps:
01) Ensuring that our staff members understand and believe in our first principles, and
02) Encouraging them to learn, share, and grow by actively participating in real-world situations.

To promote the best living experience for our members in our homes, we prefer to use the term ‘sharing’ instead of ‘training’. Our approach is focused on maintaining an open mindset, which allows us to continually improve ourselves and stand out from the rest. The key to this process is to remain curious and never lose our sense of wonder, while fully embracing and enjoying the present moment of life.  Read More…