How to handle the noise complaints for the shared homes with up and down suites

Below is the email template that office can use after received and confirmed the noise issue reported by the tenants (normally from downstairs suite)

================= (the areas with red colors are to be adjusted depending on the situation)

Good day dear xxxx, 

It has been brought to our attention that excessive noises during the days and nights caused by the kids jumping, dropping, and loud TV sounds have been observed and upon many direct commutations, there seems no improvement.

Please be advised that it is EVERY tenant right to enjoy quiet living environment. while we do value you as great tenants and a great family, and love to have you to stay and enjoy the home as long as you like, it is also important to realize that this is a SHARED accommodation that the SAME great tenants underneath also deserve the equal right of their quiet enjoyment and stay. 

FYI – Below is the procedure how the situation in this nature is being handled:


Step 01 (current we are doing) to make sure you are aware of this issue so that we can work together to get this resolved. The actions are including:

  1. To make sure the quiet time (meaning turn down the sound of TV to min level) between 10 pm to 8 am and no laundry during this time period.
  2. Make sure the kids are minimizing EXCESSIVESLY jumping, running around  during the normal day time.
  3. We have asked the downstairs tenants to inform us anytime they have been disturbed by the noises, which will be passing to you so that the immediate action can be taken.
  4. If the situation are resolved to the mutual satisfaction. Go no further; If not, see below (Step 02).

Step 02  (Warning) – Upon reasonable time frame, if there is no acceptable improvement, the warning letters/emails shall be issued upon each time when the complain is received. There will be 3 times MAX of such warnings before we move to the next step

Step 03 (Lease termination) – 1-month advanced notice shall be issued to terminate the lease due to unresolved noise issue, you are allowed to move -out with the lease terminated at the end of the month. Or,

Step 04 (Eviction) – The court hearing shall be filed to enforce the eviction.

I am hoping this issue can be resolved in a mutual respectful manner. Thank you for your effort in advance.

Please feel free to contact the writer if you have any question.

Warm regards, Jordan W

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