5-steps to rent fsc happy room

Below is the exact 5-step FSC room renting process. It will guarantee you to enjoy beautiful rooms and share lasting happiness with like-minded roommates for years to come.

Step 01, Are we likely a good match?

You found one of our rooms, among many of others. how do you know likely it is a good match?

Frankly speaking, the so-called “shared accommodation” field is a “wild west”: many are mediocre, some are quite shady, only very few hold high standard. To help you find out the if our room is likely a good match or not quickly, we developed so called “FSC Shared Accommodation Pre-scoring Evaluation Form”. Once completed, you will get an total a score – if it is higher than 10, likely the room will work for you-We will be in touch to get onto the next step. Click HERE to see an example to demonstrate how does it work.

Step 02, let's talk first

Now you decide to look further. To make sure all your key questions and concerns can be answered, and match you with exact the room from our inventory after, let’s talk first. Simply fill in the form here. And one of our “Culfidant home care specialists” will be in touch with you shortly. 

If you prefer to get in touch through social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, so on), just put the detail contact into the section called “Additional info” at the end of the form, and we are more than glad to meet you there. We are quite social too!

Step 03, green viewing

We have answered all your questions, nail down the home that likely a good fit. and you are ready to view it in person? We have developed a quite cool-way that allows you to view our shared homes IN PERSON at ANY time you like. Click the video on the right to find out how Green-viewing works. 

Out of town/country and can’t view it in person? No problem, we have made video tours for all the shared accommodations, and we can send you the pics instead.  If you like to have a live video tour (which means you are in North pole, :), let’s say, and still want to see how nice your coming home/room is going to looks like, we can set up a time and connect via video chat (Google Duo, Facebook Messenger) so on, and it is likely one of your future roommates is going to the video tour for you. How cool is that!

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