How do home visits and advanced notices work?

There are two scenarios when we need to access the properties. non-emergency and emergency. 

No emergency cases include, not limited to, the following: 01). various inspections to ensure our clients enjoy the home safe and sound. the examples of such inspections are:
1. The first home visit within the first week after you move in,
2. 1-3 times of annual safety inspections 1-3 time safety inspection
3. Maintenance-related access (with the exceptions when you choose to stay at home so that contractors can enter the home at the pre-scheduled time)
4. Owner shows the properties to various professionals to evaluate the value and/or condition of the home

All these inspections may be conducted with 24-hours advanced notice in the format of email, text message, and/or phone call/messages, with and without the client’s consent.

One common misunderstanding is that people think they “have to” be at home for the above inspections. You actually don’t have to, although you are more than welcome to stay. It is optional as per Alberta tenancy Act.

Emergency accesses include a situation such as fire, flooding, etc. Under such cases, there is no need for any advanced notice before our staffs enter into the properties to access as needed depending on the situation.

Another case is the so-called abandoned scenario which means when the communication between our office and the current key contact personally are not being responded within a reasonable time frame of 48 hrs. After reasonable times of attempts with various means, if there is still no single response from the current residents, the home is deemed to be abandoned, and to prevent any unexpected event, our staff may decide to enter the house immediately and treat such cases as “emergency”.