Welcome to our on-site manager hiring page!

The reason you are here, instead of hunting for a room elsewhere like many others, is because you are one of the few who are unwilling to settle for a place merely gets by, instead, you are  eager to seize the opportunity to live fully, earn intelligently, and grow exponentially! And yes, you are at the right place!

The Benefits

There are many benefits you will achieve via this position. Just name a few:

  • Our well-cared homes – all have close access to LRT/bus stops to and from the campuses. You will spend less time on the road, and more time to learn and grow
  • Excellent roommates – are (or will be) all like-minded on-site managers. The micro-environment filled with positive energy serves as an incubator to nurture your today’s potential into tomorrow’s success!
  • Perfect tasks – Instead of time consuming, energy draining, mentally exhausting types of jobs in which most students are trapped, this opportunity lets you perform the tasks flexibly around your busy schedule, communicate via cell or laptop remotely, and apply/boost your brain power and emotional intelligence.
  • Learn and earn – you will receive the first 3-month living allowance while in training. The training has been designed into various modules to grow your level from entry junior manager of $17.00/hour all the way to district manager, along with doubled earning power within just a year. 
  • Grow exponentially – to some, a great opportunity means finding a job that is risk-free with a handsome income. To us, it means a chance to grow exponentially in the pursuit of our dream. So, what is our dream?

Our Dream 

Our dream – is to share the homes with the ones who all truly care. 

  • Almost all of us step into the real world by entering our first rental, it could be a room, a condo, or a house. Most of time, renting is nothing more than a cold transaction between people who likely care little and less. 
  • Here comes the crazy ones – instead of “rent a place”, we share THE home. Instead of “find someone to rent to, or rent from”, we connect the landlords and tenants who all truly care. Instead of “manage property”, we “care home”.
  • Why does this matter? Because with no exception, a well-cared and shared home is the ONLY place where each and every one of us can dream big, dare more, and soar high!

Your turn

With hundreds of well-cared homes that have been nurtured and more on the way, we are growing exponentially. If this excites you, then Click HERE to complete the short application, and we will contact you for a quick conversation to see if this could be the right match for you.