I like to paint my new home, Can I and how?

Moving into a new home is exciting… Quite often,  the coming in residents are hoping to paint a few rooms with their favorite colors, or just a fresh paint for a fresh start. The short answer is Yes, you can.  This post is a step by step guideline we would like to share so that we can all enjoy the best result together. 

Understand the current

Currently, all of our culfidant homes are being painted in a natural and standard color. Each home has its own schedule to be repainted. 

Just like you, the owner also like to have the home  with the paint style/color modern and current, and similarly, most of us likely want to save money and keep it the way it is till it shows it age

Therefore, it is only natural that your coming home is likely not going to have the fresh paint every time when new residents are in and out. 

What if I really like to paint my home… 

In Culfidant community, our motto is “to share home happily”. We will try our best to help our members/residents to enjoy their new homes. 

If you really like to paint the home into the color you choose, all you need is to follow the simple steps below –

Step 1 – send the request in writing to our office so that we can pass it to the owner for approval, with the follow included:

  • The overall work scope (a few walls, a few rooms, or the whole home) when will you plan to start and finish. What is the total budget etc. 
  • The color of the paint you would like to go with (attach the color card and code if possible). And keep in mind not to pick the color that is unusual. 
  • You acknowledge that you shall cover all the cost associated with the project. In addition, the color shall be returned to the original if the owner chooses to do so upon your departure. If the color is not being painted back, our office shall hire professionals to get it done and charge the costs back to you. 
  • You acknowledge that all the paint work must be performed by a professional painter/company, or the painting staff assigned by our office, instead of by yourself unless you can prove that you are a trained painting professional

Step 2 – Upon approval, you will be given the writing permission to go ahead 

Step 3 – Once done, you may take a few pics and video of the project and email them to us as record. 

We hope the above answers your question. Please let us know if we can help further.