Welcome to “Culfidant home care specialist hiring page”. Instead of spending time to make this page pretty, we like to go STRAIGHT-FOUR-WORDS -: Solid, effort, path, reward.

Our promise in this job opportunity is the key word “Path”. The other three are yours. Please read thorough each section below to decide if this is a good fit!

The 4 words reveal our simple yet powerful S-formula (S standards for Solid) 

S-effort + S-path = S-reward

It is our promise – by successfully being part of this unique 1-year job program, which is designed for the students who are still in school or just newly graduated,  you will gain the power to conquer the core challenge every student faces –  how to excel in the real world when one steps out of the ivory tower?

This is the challenge you are facing: the current education system has been designed for the out-of date industrial age when well-trained working forces were in high demand. Unfortunately that era of retirements with a “50-year golden watch” has forever gone, yet governments and colleges/universities are still clinging to the broken system dominated by “herb mentality”.

You have 2 options –

Option 01 – simply kick the can down the road, and being one among many in the “herb” that is going to fall off the cliffs eventually, or

Option 02 – be one of few to step out onto the new and solid path, before it is too late….

To add insult to injury, here is the harsh reality – millions of students in the “herds” are taking on huge student loans to pay off the sky-rocketed tuition and other education costs. It is an stunning burden. Only few solutions below are feasible: 

  1. Born within “lucky-sperm-club” to have “rich” parents (most of us are out of luck)
  2. Work on tedious/petty jobs for money only
  3. Study hard, find a good job to pay them off (wish me luck)

Although many of us are willing to put in solid effort to earn solid reward, none of the above is “the solid path” to connect us with the true success.

This is what we can bring into the equation – the “solid path”to connect the dots. “What make you qualified ?” You may ask. Below is the answer.

Because through years of vigorous searching, we have found and owned the path. 

About a decades ago, two engineers quit their jobs and founded this company to invest in residential real estate. Instead of the myth of “over-night” success, we have had our fair shares of failures and setbacks.

After countless hard-knocks in the real world, we stumbled onto the secret path – it is hiding in plain sight, yet essential if one wants to go from nowhere to success. It became our turning point. After that, our company has been on the right path with a rapid growth to share homes with thousands families who truly care. So what is that turning point?

It actually started from the schools we are all in, where the key to unlock the door to the secret path is being lost and found. 

You may wonder – what is the key?

Just ask yourself: What is fundamentally wrong with the current education system? -Here is what we found. In essence, it’s designed to train millions to solve problems with standard answers/scores” –  or “fake problems”as we call it. In real life, be able to solve “fake problems” normally means to “do what to be told”, “compete with peers”, “be safe by making no mistake”, and “settle with A+ “.

While these attributes might work perfect for the industrial age, they can only lead ones to the dead-end today.

The scarce ability today is to tackle “real problems” with no standard answers/scores. It requires to “do unheard-of instead of things being told”, “share with peers/customers”, “be bold and  making tons mistakes while improving”, and “soar so high that the result is way off- the-charts”.

Yes, the key is the ability to find and solve “real problems” with no standard answers attached. It requires the burning desire to learn(coach-able);  the sensible touches to feel (empathy); the opening mind to connect(inclusivity); and brave heart to lead (no-fear). 

Quite ironically, after years of training in the school system, many of us get accustomed to the wrong key that is only good for solving “fake problems”. The sad truth is, with the wrong key, no matter how hard you try, it will never open the door to solve “real problems”, which is what really matter and where the true differences are made. 

With the lessons we learned over the years, more importantly, after numerous mistakes that have been made, we have earned our key that we are hoping to share it with you via this opportunity

This is your opportunity to step onto the solid path and spend one-year with us to work on how to

  • “Share” diversified cultures and embrace inclusivity.
  • “Build” meaningful connections IN and Ex-ternally. 
  • “Add” tiny improvements daily for “10-times” better 
  • “Solve” real problems via the 1st principles. 
  • “Sell” valuable things matter to the people who care.
  • “Reward” yourself with solid finance results & confidence.

In a nutshell – After you being hired successfully, below is what to be expected in the next 12 months

  • Start as a tenant – Live together with teammates in culfidant shared homes 
  • Goal setting – set up clear goals for the first 12 months. 
  • Wear landlord’s hat – Take turns to be the landlord to manage culfidant homes.
  • Switch location quarterly – to connect and bond with more teammates.
  • Apprentice in the 1st quarter – you will be trained under “culfidant apprentice program” (A004)
  • Assign projects – based on the performance, individual projects are starting (A005, structure on how various types of projects work/commission/pay structure)
  • Year end target review – evaluate the year-end performance and plan for the next year.

They say luck belongs to the ones who are always well prepared. We say to be well-prepared, one starts by seizing the right opportunity. Are you ready? Because now, it is your turn



If all the above seem a perfect fit, you may go ahead to apply via the form HERE.