Culfidant auto-renting system


Below is a step by step guideline to show you how to rent your rental (home/suite/room) automatically to a great tenant(s) via “Cuifldiant auto-renting system”. In summary, this system may: 

  • Automatically screen prospects based on the criteria you set up in advance. 
  • Automatically schedule the showings with likely qualified prospects, confirm the showing to minimize no-shows. 
  • Creatively take care of the physical distancing during the covid-19 pandemic. 
  • Conveniently show the prospects anytime you like, regardless where you are (remotely)
  • Flexibly allow the applicant to apply online with or without viewing. 
  • Tremendously save you tons of time and money, fill up the vacancy with great tenants by spending less time. 

Below is the steps to show you how this can be done. 

step01 - d-v-a pages

Once your order is received, we will build the unique page for your rental to get it ready for automatic mode: 

  • D-page (D stands for Detail, click HERE for demo)
  • V-page (V stands for View, click HERE for demo)
  • A-page (A stands for Apply, click HERE for demo)
  • Post the ad on FSC website and
  • Post the ad to “”
  • Explain how to turn an inquiry into “self-screening” automatically. 

Step 02 - green viewing

Via self-screening, the pre-qualified tenants have booked viewing, once confirmed, they will receive the instruction on how to conduct green-viewing so that they can view the home in person while the physical distancing is also being practiced properly. In addition ,we will provide up to 3-times showing so that you can gain sufficient confidence to conduct the “green-viewing” on your own. 

step 03 - application

Once the prospects are ready and filled in the application form, you will receive it automatically and go ahead to process their application. Once approved, you may set up the arrangement to get the lease signed and security deposit and first month rent collected. This marks the property has been “rented out” officially. upon your formal confirmation, our office will go ahead to turn off the d, v, a pages and remove the ads from the rentboard and our website. Your property now is rented out!

What is next?

If you like to try out this system, risk free, you may go ahead to order the service from here

We guarantee the result, and we are so confident on the performance of this system, and here is our simple 60-day warranty: if your rental is not rented out within 60 days after using our system, your money will be fully refunded with no question asked. clear and simple.