How 'self-move-in module' work

for coming in tenant

15-day prior to the move-in day, the module sends an email to outline the coming self-move-in process, along with a link called “move-in readiness checklist” to list the follow-ups prior to move-in, such as to set up tenant insurance policy, utilities etc.

5-day prior to the move-in day, the module sends another reminder to make sure the “readiness checklist” to be completed 3-days prior to the move-in day as it is a pre-condition to access the keys on the move-in day. 

One-hr prior to the noon time on the move-in day, the module shall send the access code of the lockbox where the entrance keys are stored, or of the keyless lock, along with the move-in inspection report that has been completed by the landlord via the designated “move-in page” online. 

During the move-in process, they may record anything that might be missed by the completed move-in inspection report, and add to the move-in report as they like. 

First welcome meeting within the first 7 days will be conducted. The landlord will go through the house with tenant to discuss the move-in process while the meeting minutes are taken.

The move-in inspection report link will be sent to tenants and landlord to be signed off and archived. Any follow-up to get outstanding items resolved will be arranged as well.  

For landlords/owners

15-20 day prior to the move-in day – the module will send the email to outline what to be ready for the coming move-in. 

5 – day prior, the module will send the reminder to make sure all the required checklist are completed both for you and for the tenants. Along with the link to guide the landlord complete the “move-in inspection report” and make them available on the designated page. 

3 – day prior, the module will send you the final checklist to get everything ready for move-in. If you have ordered our service to conduct the inspection for you, you need to confirm the readiness of the home (clean/maintenance/key access so on)

On the day of move-in, the module will send you the email to remind you that the tenant move-in status so that you can stand by to provide assistance virtually or in person as needed. 

Within the first 7-day after move-in, the welcome meeting will be held and you will welcome the tenants and go over any concern raised. 

Final move-in inspection report will be sent out by the module for tenants to sign off and you will receive the completed file to be archived and followed-up. 

Now the whole move-in process has been completed. 

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