Basic Guidelines for FSC shared homes

  • The ideal residents in our shared homes are either full-time students and/or full-time working professionals 
  • More importantly, you are likely a great fit if you are naturally a happy person, with open-minded, clean and sociable. You are not just seeking to rent a place, but to share and enjoy a beautiful home with people who are alike and from all over the world, with all sort of cultural backgrounds and customs. You feel excited about the diversity and the great opportunity to learn from other cultures, and make friends globally as well.

In order to be qualified to apply, the following are required

  • You are 18 year-old, legally living in Canada as citizen, and/or permanent immigrant or holding valid visa to stay in Canada.
  • You MUST have no ANY “criminal” record (You are required to claim you meet with this “MUST” requirement when you inquire/apply any of our shared homes, our office shall reserve the right to request the up-to-date certificate issued by the local police, on case-by-case basis. 
  • For the rest, please refer to Question “Who are the best fit to our shared homes?”

All of our shared homes are no pet, smoke-free and no any abusive drug allowed. 

For the shared homes with mixed genders, we highly recommend everyone to dress casual and no-explosive clothes while you are in the common areas, such as living room, kitchen, dinning room.

For the female only shared homes, it is relatively straightforward.  

Again, common sense prevails as long as you are consciously being courteous to your roommates and surroundings. 

All of our current residents in this shared home are members of a private FB group, where you will be welcomed and greeted once you formally move-in. In addition, The FB private group is also a great way for you to make new friends, to be connected instantly whenever we like or need. It is also a place where weekly cleaning pictures are being posted so that everyone in the home knows that our home is always being kept clean and tidy!

We have a so called “i-clean” program in which all of our residents take turns to clean up the home on fair-shared duty basis weekly. Everyone also posts the cleaning pictures on the end of his/her duty end onto the FaceBook group as the proof that the proper job has been done. 

Yes to visit and No to sleepover.

your friends are more than welcome to visit during the normal time but MUST leave by 11:00 pm the latest. 

It is only fair to everyone that your shared home is exclusively to the people who have paid their fair share to enjoy their stay, and it is NOT for someone trying to take free-rides on others.

We do, however, have so called “Double occupancy” arrangement for  these who are have changed situations such as developed relationship with boy or girlfriends, etc., we will discuss this with you and make proper arrangement so that you can continue enjoying your stay in our shared homes, along with your loved ones, and other roommates in harmony as well!

In order to make sure everyone can have a good sleep and rest during the night, The time period from 11:00 pm to 8:00 am everyday is being set as so called quiet time. During this period, everyone is being asked to turn down the volume so that the sound of any sort will be kept within your own room only, without disturbing the rest of other roommates. In addition, there is no laundry shall be conducted during this time period either.

The answer is NO in general,  with very few exceptions.

As everyone has his/her own food stored in the fridge, and/or somewhere in the kitchen. It is common sense that no one should touch others belongings, including food, without permission.

However, if roommates makes a note on certain food item offering everyone to “help yourself”, then go ahead! or, if  you happen to run out of certain ingredients of dressings (salt, pepper etc), it is always a good idea to get permission FIRST if you absolutely have to borrow. And also a good tip to share here is that to return the favor is also a great way to keep the good will go around!

Yes. you are more than welcome to cook your favorite foods as you wish.

Based on our experience, the concern of smell is quite rare which is mainly for two reasons: 1). Most of our residents and not big on cooking (true when I was single :)), or get used to the simple and easy quick bites to save time. 2). As a diverse community, many of us are also quite “experienced” and “adopted” and even “embraced” to things/smells that are different from our norms.

Having said that, it is quite natural that certain types of foods’ smell might be quite unique and “stand-out”. The best practice we would like to share with the “producers” is to be aware of the strong smell that is unique, foreign to most of residents, keep it with cover/lids, ventilate it out while cooking, and seal it properly if you have left-over so on. 

On the other hand, if you are the one who has issue with the strong flavor/smell,  you could communicate with the “producer” if you feel comfortable to do so, or simply give our office a call so that we can have this handled in a diplomatic manner. 


Yes, we do. Please contact our office for details, or check the page link here, and look for the one with the remark “Female only”. 

Utility is split and shared among all the roommates. Normally it is being rated as $50.00/month and it has been included in the rent already. For example, in a household with 3 roommates, your utility payment is sufficient as long as the total utility bill is no more than $150.00 for any given month. If for example, the monthly utility is $180.00, the additional $30.00 will be split among the 3 residents or each one has $10.00 additional charge for this particular month.

This is to encourage everyone  to reserve utility whenever we can and do our part to keep our world more environmental friendly. 

Absolutely. We strongly encourage our residents live in a healthy life style and being social is definielty one of great ways for personal happiness and growth. You are more than welcome to invite friends over for movie nights, a few drinks, play cards, games, as long as you are using common sense to be courteous to your roommates, and be aware and follow the quiet time and no sleep over rules so on, there is no issue at all . 

The shortly answer is Not recommended. And here is why – It is our commitment to ensure the high hygiene standard of ALL of the our properties. Instead of allowing unknown sources of all kind of furniture to move in that have become a serious issues for many shared accommodation in other place, we we have furnished all of our shared homes exclusively with high standard and brand new furniture, mattress that are supplied from our certified and reputable suppliers only. 

For these who current have their own furniture with them, we would recommend you to either sell them, or leave them to the storage via either renting or finding friends idle spaces so on.