Sublease Option is to help students staying in our beautiful shared homes with great rents while helping us in reaching out to more people to enjoy our homes fully. Here is how it works in a nutshell: When you sign off the lease for the rent of 1-year lease term with the option to sublease your accommodation to qualified new residents after an 4-month minimum stay, you are eligible to pay the minimum rent as if you are staying for 1 yr or more.

With a minimum advanced 2-month writing notice issued (for example, if you stayed for 4 month and want to leave on the 7th-month of Sept 30, 2020, the writing notice shall be given to our office no later than Aug 1, 2020 to count for a valid 2-month advanced writing notice)  before you plan to execute the sublease option after your minimum 4-month-stay ends, we would like to recommend you to start to post the ad on various media to find qualified residents to replace you from the rest of the lease term and/or longer term. You have been authorized to take pictures and videos, showing the places, and let the qualified tenants fill in the application form via the link that provided by our office.

Our office may also start to post the ad online, and you will be responsible for showing the place to the potential prospects as per the pre-scheduled appointments. If you are not available, it is highly recommended that you find someone on behalf of you to do the showing, or depending on the availability of our staff if possible, and there will be a travel- fee of $45.00/ showing charged back to you if our staff has to do the showing on your behalf. 

If the room has been rented out by or before your stay, your rest of lease will be simply taken over by the new residents and your security deposit will be refundable after the related marketing cost being deducted ($250.00 for advertisements and marketing, plus showing fees if there is any, minus $100.00 referral fee if the qualified new resident was being replaced via your effort) and move-out inspection to our office’s satisfaction.

If the room is NOT been rented out by the time you leave, you shall be still responsible for the rest of the months’ rents until it reaches the end of the 1-year lease, and/or rented out earlier, whichever comes first.

It is highly recommended that you may start to advertise and look for the coming residents now, and our office also start the renting process and you will be kept posted for any coming showings.

Please do feel free to let us know if we can be of any further help. We can be reached via Facebook and/or our office line at 780 570 5388. 

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