FSC Leasing Agent Hiring FAQs

Flying Stone Canada Ltd was started by two engineers  over 10 years ago as a side business. Gradually it has grown into a residential rental company to serve Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Quite opposite from what most people think, for a long time, we were NOT passionate about real estate, actually we hated it – the rental world is stuffed with horror stories about “slum-landlords” and “tenants from hell”… It is a toxic culture made us feel trapped, until one day we realized the way out of the trap is to start from within and care.

That is when “share homes happily” was born. Now we share homes instead of just renting houses, we think of “family and friends”, instead of “renters”, we show our cares in doing instead of only care in talking. Not long, we see smiling faces, arise genuine laughs, and share the true happiness.  

If you are alike us, still naive enough to believe in big dreams and willing to make impossible happen naturally, then this is what we will say to you – Welcome home!

Basic requirements (what we expect the applicants to have)

  • Canadian Citizen elder than 18 yrs old with NO criminal record
  • Education level as high school or higher;
  • Basic computer skills of word processing, emailing etc.
  • Familiar with social media, at least use one of the following of FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, WeChat and etc.
  • Has your own vehicle and valid driver license.
  • Flexible working hours that fits your work and life style.

Others strong indicators that you are going to do well in this position

  • You are naturally happy person with bright view and positive perspective
  • You may currently working full-time, or study in school and besides to make a nice income, you are also keen (or even more) on learning, connecting and growing.
  • You like to keep your words. More importantly, you feel it is a mutual respect to do what one says, takes responsibility for things not going well, instead of pointing fingers to others.
  • Money is important to you but you do have a nice saving to buy you bread for rainy days. And you don’t have to compromise for the lack of money.
  • Payment option 01 – Upon to the successful renting out to the clients that being serviced by you (inquiry, showing, application so on), you will be rewarded with commission of $150.00 for a house or $100 for a room (if it is shared accommodation) rented out
  • Payment option 02 – The routine of property manager, you will be paid by 1% of the rents as long as the place has been rented out while you will be the direct property manager to keep this client happy and renewed.
  • On every 15th of each month, your payment for the last month will be paid via the payment method you have chosen.
  • Standard working hour availability: you are expected to be available between 5:00 pm to 7:00pm monday to Friday. And 10:30 am to 4:30 pm on Saturday.
  • If you have more or less than the above standard working hours, please communicate with our office to make sure we have it on file, as it will be used for our office to assign the showing to the prospects.
  • Our booking system will ask the potential client to call/text in one hr in advance prior to showing to confirm, so that you will not waste your time for no show likely once the client confirmed.
  • In addition, once you get a hang on what is the rope for this showing, we will gradually introduce you to more advanced showing tech called green viewing, which will allow you to show the place without being there in person.


  • You will be assigned with 1-2 properties to get started.
  • You go to check the places out, and get familiar with the renting process
  • You will post ads to 2-3 media as minimum and update them daily.
  • You will answer phone inquiries and do the pre-screening as per our form
  • Upon the pre-screening, you will book the client in for the showing.
  • Inform office via email on the booking so that we can schedule the showing via our booking system in office.
  • Upon the confirmation of the showing, you mee the potential clients at the house and conduct the showing
  • Once showing is done, the prospect decides to apply by filling in the application form.
  • You will process the application and decide if they are qualified or not based on our online scoring system.
  • Sign off the lease and collect the first month rent.
  • Conduct the move-in inspection and get the client ready to move in.
  • Move-in
  • 1-week move-in follow-up check and get the process closed.
  • Start with independent contractor on relatively casual basis
  • Based on the progress – regular part-time staff
  • Can progressed into full-time career as the so called culfidant home care manager to manage properties up to 300; and up-level management role.
  • The time span depends and typical process may take 6-12 months.
    • Communication skills
      • Quite importantly, not only well you express, but how well you learn
      • The ability to feel the true needs of the client, not what they say.
      • Public speaking skills – willing to take on the social media heads on
      • Instead of selling, thinking more on how you can solve their problem and help them better off.
    • Social connections
      • Ability to connect with as many people as you could via various channels conventional or unconventional.
      • Creatively to use the power of “words of mouth” referrals to spread the message.
    • Organizing
      • One of the goal is to be able to managing up to 300 properties. How to work effectively and coordinate with all the residents and rest of the supporting team players are the test on how organized you are.
    • Leadership skills
      • You are not only be able to do the job, you can also mentor and lead the others to do great. This ability is also precious in this whole endeavor.
  • Loc8/Trello/Acuityscheduling
  • Social medias such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Wechat et
      • Updated criminal record/check
      • 2 pieces of IDs
      • Your own vehicle and valid driver licence
      • Personal Pictures for website team player posting along with a 200-300 words bio.
      • Provide the monthly pay- method, email transfer so on.


Initial 5-10 hrs on-site training time will be provided by senior staff/manager to bring you up to speed.