Culfidant is a community shared by landlords and tenants. It has been developed gradually over the years by Flying Stone Canada Ltd. It has been built on the foundation of Culfidant community philosophy that members “share homes happily, travel cultures freely, make friends globally”. 

Traditionally, renting is likely not a pleasant experience to say the least. Landlords wish to find someone to fill in the property fast, collect the rent hassle free. The reality quite often is totally the opposite, unpaid rents, endless abusive fix/maintenance calls, and eviction, just to name a few. As for tenants, it seems any call to landlords has no return, unwanted visits without proper notice, rents go up year after year… Many times, both landlords and tenants are frustrated, exhausted, without seeing any light at the end of the tunnel…

Not any more. In Culfidant, community members, both landlords and tenants, are committed “to share the home happily”, instead of “to rent a place mindlessly”.

By following “Culfdidant shared home best practice” and empowered by the community resources, landlord members are able to transcend the use-to-be ordinary rentals to the best homes that are ready to be shared with friends who truly care. During the tenancy, the residents enjoy the best support and care from the landlords and/or the home care specialists from the community on behalf of the landlords. 

As one of Culfidant members, you will enjoy many extinguished benefits that the traditional renting world can’t even imag