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Welcome to “CA+RMAP”® , the A+ Residential real estate investment seminar briefing and booking page!

 Let’s keep it straight and simple – below are the key highlights wrt this seminar so that you can make the informed decision. 

What is “CA+RMAP”®? CA+RMAP stands for Culfidant A+ Resident Magnetic Attracting Platform, it is an innovative platform developed by two fellow landlords with engineer background, over the last 20 years, tested and approved by over 50,000+ tenants cases. It has helped us and many fellow landlords achieved the following: 

  1. Attract “Culfidant A+ tenants”® while keeping bad ones miles away. 
  2. Bring in thousands of dollars of “Undercurrent cash flow”® year after year
  3. Manage rentals with ease or totally hands-off depending on the Platform mode of manual/Standard/VIP. 

Who may benefit most via this seminar? – It works the best for the landlords who want to invest in residential rentals for the long term, but are struggling with one or all of the following

    1. traumatized by nightmare tenants who shattered your dream.
    2. feeling stuck in endless/even daunting renal managing chores?
    3. suffering negative cash flow with no light at the end of the tunnel?

What you can gain from this seminar – at the end of this course, you will learn how to be top 5% of landlord by applying the following: 

  • “6-factor-18 Score” A+ tenant selecting system developed based on the Nobel winning method that achieves typical 5-year-staying A+ tenants, while keeping the home in mint condition.  
  • Bring in ~$15, 000.00 “undercurrent cash flow” for a A+ home renting for 5 years with the base -rent of $1500.00/month. 
  • Apply CA+MAP method/system in either manual/standard/VIP mode -to stream line the daily  rental management with ease and efficiency 

What make me, a NOT real estate guru, qualify to offer this seminar? –  Below is the only picture in the post. Yes, it is me just finishing an inspection on a certified Culfidant A+ home®. For more info about this home, please click here, I will keep it live till 2022-12-10 for you to check it out)

As a self-taught landlord just like many of you, I stumbled over residential rental investing by a pure chance. 

As a chemical process engineer, I worked in multiple international oil and gas companies for over 20 years with a few innovation rewards/ and papers published on Oil and gas journals. 

One day in Year 2001, a colleague in Syncrude mentioned a book called “Rich dad, poor dad”. Out of curiosity, I borrowed and read it. Its impact on me was profound – I decided to invest in residential real estate to get out of the “rat-race”.

Over the following years, through trial-and-error, and with the help from a few other engineers, I developed “CA+RMAP”®, fine tuned it constantly by combining and applying 3 skill sets:  01). engineering principles; 02). Real life lesson learned in investing/landlording over years; and 03). Computer coding skills. It has helped me, and many other landlords fulfilled the following: 

01 – Attract A+ tenants exclusively while keeping bad ones out/away. 

02 – Simplify the residential investing/renting into so-called “Triple A+” process – A+ Culfidant home, A+ Culfidant tenants, and A+ Culfidant service. 

03 – Unleash the power of so called “Undercurrent” Culfidant cash flow to achieve long term real estate investment success. 

The above 3 secrets  will be shared exclusively in this seminar so that you can be part of top 5%  A+ landlords. 

What are your investment ($ and time) for this 100-seat Zoom online seminar from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm on Saturday, December 

$199.00 and your time of 4 hours to cover:

    • Section 01 – A+ tenants 6-factor-18 Score system (55 mins with 5 mins break)
    • Section 02 – A+ Culfidant home readiness (55 mins with 5 mins break).
    • Section 03 – A+ Service thorough the whole renting process (55 mins with 5 mins break).
    • Section 04 – Real life examples, automation screening system demo and Q& As (30 + 30 mins).
  • Guarantee – If you are dissatisfied with the experience after the seminar for any reason, your seminar  shall be returned 100% with no question asked.

To register – Use the calendar below and choose December 10th, 2022 and then follow the instruction.

There are 100 seats exclusively for this opportunity and will mark as sold-out once the limit is hit (Yes, you and your loved one can share one-seat, as long as it feels cozy for you both :)) 

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