CHIEF Service FAQs

CHIEF stands for “Culfidant Home Issue Eliminating Force”. Provided by Culfidant community,  it is the service for landlords/homeowners to eliminate maintenance issues around home timely, reliably and efficiently. 

To keep it simple, whenever you need, just fill in the form HERE and  and CHIEF will take care of the rest. 

TIMELY – Once you submit the CHIEF form, 

  • Within the first 24 hours, we will contact the main contact to set up access.  
  • On average, ~90% of the issues can and will be fixed the same day.
  • Whenever you need, we are there ready, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

RELIABLY– all jobs are performed by “CHIEF” who are

  • Home maintenance experts hand-picked by Culfidant community
  • Tested/certified by “culfidant community” CHIEF program. 
  • Part of the force that has excellent rating via Google review

EFFICIENTLY – Means the best return for every dollar you invest

  • Up-front-price-list – shows the great value we are proud to share. 
  • Eliminating – the issue to prevent it from recurring.  

The CHIEF service is tailor-made for the following customers:

  • Landlords who want keep the rentals at the mint condition without breaking the bank, CHIEF is your trustworthy “partner” to meet all the maintenance needs timely, reliably and efficiently. 
  • Homeowners who want a reliable service to take care of all the home maintenance matters, CHIEF is ready to serve so that you can have peace of mind all the time. 

CHIEF works best for you when you have home maintenance related issue that needs to be addressed quickly reliably and effectively.

Majority of the work should be eliminated on the first dispatch in the same day and normally it takes a few hours or less. 

For the middle size work, or the repairs need repetitive procedure, we will make a few more trips to make sure it is done right. 


The service cost are based on the hourly service plus the material cost. For the current price list, please click here

Once the work is completed, you will receive the invoice for you to make the payment via via e-transfer, credit card online.

For Culfidant community members, you will receive the updated invoice on monthly basis. 

Yes, you can via the link here to find out

  • When the job starts 
  • When to access home
  • Diagnose of the issue
  • What have been done 
  • Pics before and after
  • Total cost
  • and a lot more… 

It is a great source to track the maintenance records of your property as well. 


CHIEF takes care issues at your convenience – either during the day, at nights, or on weekends with no extra cost. 

Yes, you can! and you have more than 2 ways to select: 

Option 01 – You may find the work history on your home by checking out CHIEF LOG-Y2021,  then search for the unique FSC# assigned to your home/rentals. 

Option 02 – Culfidant members only. You will receive detailed maintenance history report in PDF format, on quarterly basis. Click here to find out how to become a culfidant member. 

Simply provide the latest copy of property tax assessment, utility bills with the address and your name should be sufficient. 

Work site safety – Keep away from the site and leave it in the
capable hands of the “CHIEF”s – you just relax and enjoy. 

Ninety-day satisfaction warranty on our workmanship. 

1-year warranty on the parts provided by us.