I like to paint my new home…

Moving into a new home is exciting…naturally some of new residents are thinking to get the new home painted to their favorite colors, or just a fresh paint to feel the special feeling of “my home”. We got that and here is the best practice we like to share with you to get this done together in a mutually thoughtful way.

Understand the current

– All of our culfidant homes are being painted in a natural and standard color with each home has its own pre-scheduled timeline to be repainted. Again, it is based on common sense approach to decide the reasonable time span to repaint the whole home (not just a house).  We all like to have our home to have the paint style color we like, and similarly, we all like to save our money to would like to keep it the way it is till it shows it age (which normally take around 10 years or so). that is why most of the time, besides some expected minor touch up, your coming home is likely not going to have the fresh paint every time when new residents are in and out, for the same simple reason.

I really like to paint my home… 

I understand, and really hope to do something on my own – In culfidant community, our motto is “to share home happily”, will try our best to help our members/residents to enjoy their new homes. if you really like to paint into the color of your own, you just need to follow the following simple steps – Step 1 – send the color you choose to our office so that we can pass it to the owner for approval. (keep in mind, try to not pick up any color that is too uncommon) Step 2 – upon approval, you will give the writing permission to go ahead with the condition to cover ALL the cost related in your own, and the obligation to return the color back to it original upon your departure, if the owner wants this to be done, or our office will make arrangement to do so with the agreement that you will cover the cost. Step 3 – upon completion, take a few pics with your new project and send it to us so that we can have it recorded in the file. that is it.

We respect that different people have different standards

We respect that different people have different standards – that is why in culfidant homes, we have decided to stick onto the standard that will keep most of us happily (we actually did a statistically calculation, the exact happy is 89.56% or we can safely call it A rating (not A+ just to be humble:). This also means while most of our members are totally happy with what we have offered, in term of the color of the paint and its current status, it is not to say that you may not have your own standard and it could not be higher than what we current have. Instead of trying to bring the overall standard up to each individual higher level, we think a common sense solution with a reasonable ground is to grand you the freedom to work extra hours (if the skill set is approved) or spend a few extra bucks to satisfy your own A+ pride. And we are totally cool with the improvement, as long as you let us know in a nice way and we will try to support you by not making it a big fuzz out of it (in other words, we will help to persuade the owner for their ok before you go ahead, as long as it is reasonable).

I hope this simple post addressed your question on the paint and let us know if we can be of any further assistance – again, welcome your new home and we look forward to share the happiness together for the years to come!

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