Culfidant Sublesae - Step by Step Guideline

  1. Keynote for sublease
    • Replacement – the applicants to release you from the lease shall be approved first by our office before any turn-over may happen.  
    • Rent payment: The new lease shall be signed upon the approval of the new applicant to release you from the current lease. Or you shall be responsible for the rents till the expiration of the lease, or the new tenant filled in, whichever comes first. 
    • Security deposit – Shall be returned upon the new tenant takes over, or the lease’s expiration, whichever comes first. 
  2. Suitable for
    • Your current lease is signed under the condition of sublease option
    • Have to leave prematurely & opt out for “Frustration option” subject to the review and approval by our office first. 
  3. Initiate the process
    • Email to our office with minimum – one month in advance with the detailed reason for our office’s review and approval. 
    • Indicating the date you intend to leave (shall be the first day of the next month). 
    • Upon approval, our office shall send you the application form link for new applicants to fill in. 
  4. Post ads 
    • Post the ad to rent your current room at the current rent. 
    • Mark the time availability as per your situation. 
    • FYI – popular websites such as kijiji, rentboard, rentals, etc.
  5. Showing 
    • You will be showing the place to the prospects
    • Make sure you have the people’s name, # and email
  6. Apply
    • Check to see the interest of the prospect
    • Send the application form link to be filled in, communicate with our office on-time.
    • Will be reviewed by our office for final approval. 
  7. Lease setup/termination
    • Upon approval, our office shall set up and sign off the new lease with the applicant and, 
    • Send you the lease termination addendum to terminate the current lease. 
  8. What if the home is not rented
    • By the time you leave, if the house is still empty, you shall be responsible for the rent payment continuously as per the existing lease agreement. 
    • Our office shall be starting to make the rental marketing effort, till the place is being rented out, or your lease is expired whichever comes first. 
    • $395.00 advertisement and showing fee shall be charged back to you once the home is rented by our office.