Culfidant Services

In Culfidant, we have been developing so called “Modular” services to meet the following 2 objectives: 

01, Flexibility. it is only natural that our  needs differ from each other all the time. The tailor-made modular services are designed so that our members may order the exact service at the exact time when you needs it. 

02, Excellency. Each module service combines the innovated technology with top-expert resource (time and expertise) to transcend a rental house into the shared home wowed by all, all the time. 

Below are the keep-growing list for culfidant modular services. 

Module 001 – Culfidant Real Estate Investment Evaluation Module 

This module is a MUST for anyone who is serious to invest their hard-earned money into the property that is likely to yield the best reward in the long term.

This module has applied years of residential real estate investment expertise, combined with computer and machine learning technology, it has been used to decide 1). where to buy? 2). what to buy? 3). How much to pay? 4). How long to hold? 5). What is the ROI? 6). Risks/how to manage. etc. It is one of the Culfidant “secret weapons” that has helped in developing our healthy investment profiles over the years.

To learn more about how it works and how to benefit from its service, please click HERE. Please note – This service is for members only. If you are not a member yet, please register first via the link HERE.

Module 002 – Green Vacancy Automated Fill-up Service

Traditionally, there are two options to fill up a vacancy:

Option 01, DIY. You may keep 100% control, knowing it’s tedious, challenging, time-consuming, and you do need some luck as well.

Option 02, Via a PM company. It is definitely worth-while if the one you hire can provide superb service and also you are not too worried about the cost associated with it. However, just like every business in the real-life, these good ones are rare…

Thanks for the high tech and internet, the third option provided by this module gives our members best of the two worlds – After the service ordered, the module does all the hard work for you – which has all renting steps automated, well almost…. we let you raise the finger for approval the lease or not :)).

To have a glimpse of the power of our vacancy fill-up service, click HERE. To order the module service, click HERE. (Again, this is a member-only service. If you are not basic member yet, please register via HERE first)

Module 003 – 7*24*365  hotline service 

This module is to provide a text hotline number that you can give to the tenants. Our communication service system will be available 7*24*365 to take care of the needs of you and your tenants. There are many advantages: 

1st, All the communication will be professionally recorded via text, the best way to keep the entire writing record between you and your clients.

2nd, You can sleep tight at night, as our system will take care of all the night calls, emergency or not. 

3rd, Keep your personal and business life totally Separated so that you can focus on what truly matters to you at the time needed without any mixed up or confusion.

To find out how it looks like in real operation. Click HERE for a demo. To order the service, Click HERE


Module 004 – RTDRS services Step by step module

When things turn to undesirable direction, such as disputes between tenants and landlords, unpaid rents, abuses and serious breaches to the lease agreements, it could be intimidating to many and the worst thing you can do is to procrastinate and delay. The longer you drag, the worse it gets. 

This module will help you to take prompt and proper steps to get the issues resolved via the legal approach/means. In addition, it is extremely important that practical ways to be applied for the best results and minimize the potential costs. 

To find out your solutions via this module, please click [here 10]

Below is the growing list for our modular services