How does “Culfidant core membership trial” works

Culfdiant core membership trial allows you to test out the following core services for a flat membership fee of $30.00/month : 

  1. Vacancy refill service – CA+RMAP 
  2. Property maintenance service – Chief maintenance service 
  3. Culfidant building – Tenant relationship nurturing program
  4. Home annual inspection service – Mirror platform – standard package
  5. lease annual renew – lease annual renew automation service

The above service covers most of the core services that you will need to ensure your rental investment run smoothly with the minimum effort directly from you. It is also a good way to test out the membership before you committed it fully. 

The trial membership of $30.00/month shall only be charged when the home is rented. We only get paid when you are. 

When you test and feel the standard Culfidant membership service is definitely the right fit, you can switch to the standard membership at anytime. 

You can also end the trail membership at anytime you choose, we will send you the final statement to close the trial membership account. 

The 5-year warranty term shall be valid for CA+RMAP service that you have chosen, regardless you are in trial membership or not.