How does Culfidant work?


Investing in residential rental properties is a daunting task to many landlords/investors – down payment, financing approval, property hunting, pressures by realtors, rental prediction, short, mid, long term ROI prediction, stress test/risk analysis…The key question is How to pick the winner from many that will be financially rewarding most likely in the long run, while is enjoyed by the ones who are living there?

In Culfidant, Instead of depending on “good luck”, the winners are picked by our Secret weapon – Real Estate Evaluation Model developed by our Culfidant expert team in house. All the  prospected properties will be run via  the model (exclusively for our members) by our experts to make sure it is the most likely winner pass the most restricted tests. 

In addition, our VIP members will be served by the model two times per year to re-tune its investment strategy so that the shared homes are always being optimized to the best. 

Combined the state of art technology, years of expertise, and the magic touch of love, we only picks the winners – the homes to be shared, instead the houses to be rented. Click HERE to find out how the model works.  


There are many books, gurus, seminars  trying to sell you how to get rich quick via real estate investment, but little/nothing one can find on the topic of how to share the homes happily between the landlords and tenants. 

In our community, with the best practice guide, all members educate each other on on “How to share homes happily” by doing . To name a few: 

1). How can Landlords bring out the best of the houses (the best of buy, maintain and clean) to transform it to the home ready to be shared. 

2). How to find the best ones who are truly care to share the home. 

3). How to share homes happily by both landlords and tenants

4). How to put ourselves into the other people’s shoes and travel their cultures freely. 

5). How to make friends knowing we are so different from the appearances, backgrounds, perspectives, but we are all share our global home together. 

And instead of sitting in a classroom to learn as the traditional way of educating, our members share the key principles/practical right ways by doing in the real life. And all the education are through format of blog-posts, you-tube videos, interviews, get-together events for story sharing etc. And yes, education for all our members are 100% free



There are many ways to help and be helped in our community and beyond. To name a few: 

– Module-services – Our company has been developing many tailor-made module-services to ensure the best “home-sharing” experience for all  of our members, whenever needed. For example, instead of filling in the vacancy by yourself with tedious phone calls and showings, you can order our Innovated environmental friendly “Green Vacancy Fill-up Service” with a fraction of the cost charged by the traditional property management service, and much less time, with likely the best tenants! For our growing list of Culfidant module services, please click here

-VIP service – For the members who would like to be hands-free with the peace in mind that his/her “share homes’ and in good hands, our community will take care of it for you as per our best community shared home guidelines and practice. Click HERE for more details. 

Volunteering activities  – “Giving back” is one of the core values that are near and dear to our members’ hearts. We advocated/encourage our members to participate various volunteering activities to help these in need. After all, to help without any attachment is what make our shared world truly meaningful. To find out more, click here