What is Culfidant?


Culfidant is a community where members of landlords and tenants “Share homes happily, travel cultures freely, make friends globally”. 

It has been created and developed by two engineers, who have founded Flying Stone Canada Ltd – a residential real estate investing company in Y2005. Over the yeas, it has been learned that the best natural way to be successful in this renting business, is to “SHARE” homes, instead of just “RENT” houses. 

Here is the simple truth – When “rent”, it is nothing more than a cold business transaction that few really care. In contrary, when we realize we are actually sharing instead of just “renting”, the magic starts ….

Today, our community members are enjoying hundreds of shared homes filled with meaningful happiness and care. 

No matter you are a landlord or a tenant, If you truly believe in sharing and caring, instead of just renting —- Welcome home!

To find out how Culfidant works, click HERE. To join the community, click HERE

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