Culfidant Community - Where our story starts

Culfidant is a new word created by combining “Cultural” and “Confidant“. It reflects the firm belief that in an interconnected world, people can connect to share decency, care and trust. 

Culfidant community is our first project to manifest this ideal into reality.  It connects decent landlords and tenants to “share homes” instead of just “rent places”.

Traditionally,  “landlords” and “renters” are from two opposite, sometimes confrontational cultures. The landlord culture is portrayed with the fear of the destructive tenants who would destroy and trash rentals. On the other side, the typical tenant culture is filled with tales of “slum landlords” who are cold, greedy, care nothing but money.

Looking around, horrified rental stories thrown around by the media have seemingly attested that there is not even a chance for landlords and tenants to share homes happily, to be decent and care each other, let alone to be friends. Fortunately, our own less-common yet aspiring experience revealed how to make “impossible” happen naturally. 

In 2005, a few engineers founded Flying Stone Canada Ltd – a residential real estate investing company. After  many failures and setbacks, we have learned bit by bit that the only meaningful way to thrive in this business, is to connect naturally via decency, care and trust – Instead of merely “renting” houses, we start to focus on “sharing” homes happily. 

It started with tiny improvements first. Instead of turning a blind eye to the “dirty corners” around the house, we clean the home top to bottom as if it is for our long-time-no-see friends coming to stay; Instead of dragging our feet on maintenance issues, our well-trained maintenance staff are deployed the moment when the repair-request is received; Instead of putting money into advertising and marketing, we appreciate our long-term residents by giving away  7 free-rents every year …

Slowly but surely, our clients have started to react spontaneously in a positive way. Instead of treating the home they stay as just another “rental”, they fix small issues around the house, just like they are staying at and caring for  a dear friend’s home. Instead of staying a little while then moving-out, more and more chose to enjoy their homes year after year; Instead of giving low-rating and harsh google reviews, they refer us to their friends whole-heartedly…

Simply through word-of-mouth,  more and more landlords and tenants have joined us , and the so-called “culfidant community” was born naturally to bond members with decency, care and trust, promote the best practice/guidelines, and enjoy the fruits rooted from the trustworthy relationship between tenants and landlords. 

Indeed, we were lucky enough to stumble upon the powerful secret of  culfidant – As a result, not only our business thrives effortlessly, but also we have witnessed the wonder that has transformed each rental we touched into something that human beings share and cherish the most – the home.

Now it is about time to share this treasure with the world…

For all, click here to find “Culfidant community guidelines & best practices”. 

For tenants, click here to explore the benefits of living in a culfidant home. 

For landlords, click here  to find out the wonders of culfdiant community. 

Together, let’s make impossible happen naturally, one home at a time!

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