Flying Stone Canada Ltd. is looking to hire a number of part-time positions to help us to grow our exciting business! (Please go to to find more about us). The ideal candidates are current post-secondary/university/college students. You will be performing various duties including, post ads, show properties, qualify applicants, conduct housekeeping/cleaning when needed,etc. if you are interested, please answer the following questions (Email the answers to “”), along with a brief explanation of why you choose your answer.

1).Say you have little to none experience of property management, would this be a liability or asset to you?

2). Suppose you are showing a house to a potential client. After the showing, the potential tenant asks you to drive him back to where he lives, which is only 5 mins away. What would you do?

3). You need to get a condo suite ready for the coming clients to move in at 12 pm on Nov 1. The afternoon of 1 day prior to this move-in, you found out the previous tenants had moved out without cleaning the property. What would you do?

We thank you in advance to all applicants for their time. However, we will only be in touch with those who have given answers that interest us for an interview.