The secret 7-step “Culfidant” rental home hunting process that guarantees you the awesome home, saves you tons of money and time, moves your family into a happy place that you can live happily ever after —- 

Step 01 - let's be well-prepared

How exciting – It’s about time for your next new home! Before starting GOOGLE numerous rooms, it is always a good idea to write down the wishing list for your coming new home – the musts, wants, locations, special needs….After all, it is the special place you and your family are going to spend most of the time to build long-term memories. Well-prepared, you are not only going to save huge time and money, but also likely to start off in a happier home that deserves you the best. Click here to download our free house-hunting sheet. (Check this post out if you have no idea of the following key words: right timing; Electric binder, etc)

Step 02 - don't be the 90%...

Ready, set and go – we all get online and start to google, email/text a bunch, relax and wait for responses…. sounds familiar?  that is what 90% people do for average result. To find awesome home, Here is what need to be done differently: Instead email out tons of inquiries, get a list of 10-20 properties with the numbers and names from online and most importantly, OFFLINE, and HERE is why and how

Step 03 - call and ask

Talk to real people, and ask the right question. The goal of this conversation is to get you prepared to make the final decision even without seeing the house. by the end of this call, you should have 75% of decision make to likely go with this property or not. In other words, if you have 10 to 15 on your starting-list. Now the number should be down to 3-5. Click here to find out more about how to make the calls to get out 75% of misfits properties and landlords too. 

Step 04 - view the property, its optional

Now you are ready to view the property. write down the address. confirm the time, check the map make sure you know where you go, be there on time, follow the basic social etiquette. take notes, pics and even videos, and then next… these are all the things we can be busy for, and in the process getting loose on what is really matters. and one does need to be well-aware of the one thing it truly matter: you are here to confirm what you have seen and heard so far, and based on it, you should get 25% of the rest uncertain resolved. you should be very well ready to say yes, or no to this property, and yes, get fully ready to do it. Here is what I mean by “Fully”….

And yes, it is optional, and actually unnecessary especially if your landlords are up to speed of new technology and understand what does it takes to do the great business, here is why and how. 

step 05 - besides dream home...

Now we are ready to apply. 90% of the people pull the trigger without aiming, or take too long to aim, or just aim the wrong targets. No the ones with the above four solid steps who are calling the shot with 100% accuracy. That is it. instead of wasting your time, money and emotion energy. you make a calm, firm and decisive offer, knowing you are turning this rental into your dream home, and don’t you realize what else also happening? the landlord has a great resident he can only dream for as well…

Step 06 - be a good sport

If life is a game, the only way to truly enjoy it is to make  yourself a good sport. Same holds true in the game of renting. you are at the end of the current lease, and get ready to move in the new dream home. don’t forget to finish your current lease nicely – give your currently landlord proper notice, get the house and carpet cleaning in line, ask the landlord in advance how to get the move-out inspection completed, where and when to return the key, make honest claim and detailed record of your own for any wear-and-tear or damaged by you, fix them properly if you are able. What about keeping the house reasonably nice and showable so that the landlord can show to the right people…. as you may already sensed, be a good sport has a lot more than we normally think, it is actually a hard work, and worth it, why? because it is all about good carma…..

step 07 - make the end into start, naturally

While you move-in and the whole renting process ends. right? Depends. To most of the people, it is the end. it is at least one-more year before worrying about the renew and finding another one so on. to the ones following our system, we would like to turn it into a new start naturally. what you can do to make this place a true really home that you shared with the landlord/owners. I am not recommending you to spend hundred of your money to turn it into a castle, instead, I would like you think it as a castle that you truly care, it will not only make your stay for years to come a much more enriched  experience, it will also set the tune for a great rapport between you and the owners. not matter you keep stay and enjoy, or choose to move on, you are always the one who are the dream clients only deserve dream homes. Click here for a more detailed list on the natural ways to nurture great relationship between you and landlords/owners. 

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