FSC Home Matching Checklist

Please read the following carefully BEFORE finalizing the booking. 

If all answer is Yes, text 780 893 6585 “All yes”. 

If hearing nothing from you in the next 2 hrs, the booking will be cancelled. 

All of our listing homes are currently available or within the coming two months. If that matches your plan to move, answer Yes. 

If you are the few that is extremely well organized and plan way ahead, you are more than welcome to call us at 780-5705388 and we will for sure to help!

We focus to provide the stable homes for families to enjoy for the years to come. If that matches what you are looking for, say Yes. 

If you like to stay long-term but want to have a sub-lease option in case something happens, we can work with you to get this set up (Normally the expected term is 6-month before the sub-lease is in effect). If this works for you, say Yes. 

If you are looking for some place for 6-month or less, we are unlikely a good match. However, if you do need some help and we would be more than glad to discuss your particular situation first before the viewing. So please call our office at 780 570 5388 for any further discussion if you prefer.  

As a rule of thumb, one should have total gross income/savings that is around 3-times more than the asking rent as a good estimated budget. 

If you are working full-time and have the total gross income before tax that is three times more than the rent, the answer is Yes. 

If you have savings and supporting loan that is sufficient to cover the total rents for the whole lease term, the answer is Yes as well. 

In addition, it is required to have the first month rent and the security deposit (one month equivalent rent) to be in paid in full once the application is being approved. If you have the above funding ready, say yes as well. 

If not, this house could be more than what you can afford comfortable and No is the honest answer to this property likely. 

There is no smoking of any sort within the property line by anyone, that includes anyone on the lease term, and or any visitors, friends, guests as well. 

There is also absolutely NO smoking of any sort or format is allowed (including, but not limited to regular cigarettes, weeds, vapes, and or anything else similar or beyond). 

The scope is not only outside the house. but must be outside of property line. In other words, if this is a condo, smoking on balcony is NOT permitted, instead, you need to go down and outside of the building. 

If you are non-smoker, the answer to this question is yes. If you are a smoker, and perfectly fine with above policy, the answer is yes. 


Pet policy

Most of our homes are no-pet allowed except specified otherwise in the ad. 

In addition, there will be a small fee added to the rent if pets are allowed ($25.00/month, per pet, price subject to change without advanced notice), please make sure you have checked with office first if you do have small pets before you spend time to view the house. Our office number: 780-570-5388. 





Again, you are more than welcome if you are a family, or a group of mature (not necessarily to be old to be mature :)) friends and/or co-works teamed up together. 

As a rule of thumb, up to 4 people (children included) is a comfortable number for 2-bedroom home or suite. 

Up to 6 people (Children included) is a good number for 3-bedroom home or suite. 

The situation could vary depending on the home and your situation. Make sure you give it a good thought and if in doubt, call us. 

Have you rent some other place in the past? how did it go? If you know you have been renting for years without any issue, and also have the current/previous landlord contact information available for the application check, say yes. 

If you did have few issues and handled them properly and get them resolved to everyones’s satisfaction, say Yes too. 

If you have issues that is still outstanding, and/or there are some bad consequences caused by these, it is not the end of world, just get hold of us and have a quick and frank discussion before we move forward. 

Do you know that you may get your free credit score and report within minutes from the following websites 1). Credit Karma; 2).  Borrowell. 

It is always a good idea to have it ready for rental application purpose)

Remember, you do not need to have an perfect credit score/report to be qualified. After all, credit rating is just one of many factors to be looked at during the application process. 

If you have it ready, or will get one right after, your answer is YES. 

Tenant insurance is a MUST requirement once your application is being approved. 

It is extremely important to have the peace in mind when you live in the new home. Tenant insurance not only protects your precious personal belongings, but also keep you sleep tight at nights knowing you are fully protected from ally unexpected distastes (fire, flood, liability etc). 

It cost lower few hundreds a year ($200.00 to $300 base on Year 2018 market). 

If this is your plan, answer is Yes. 


In Flying Stone Canada, our philosophy is to “share homes happily, travel cultures freely, and make friends globally”. 

And it all starts the first tiny step: when we share our homes together, you, are not only our clients, but also our extended family. When family member calls or emails, we reply right away, it doesn’t means we have the perfect solution every single time, it does mean that we care, as a shared family. 

After the first year stay, once you have experienced what the so called “share homes happily” really meant to you, and if you like your experience and want to extend your happy stay with us, we will be delighted to share home happily for years to come, and keep the rent the same., keep it simple and happy too!