FSC229-Rm 1 inventory, for video clip, please click here

Dresser (Grey color, glass top, steel structure)//Garbage can//Side table (Grey color, glass top, steel structure)//Queen size bed frame and bed head//Queen size mattress frame and mattress//Queen size mattress protector//Mattress frame cover sheet and circle edge//Decoration frame (on top of bed)//Window blind//table and frame on top of table//Reading chair (folding, red)//Reading lamp (stainless steel)//Pink lamp (for side table)//18 inch CRT//alarm clock//two connection cables//TV stand (natural wood color)//frame on top of TV (white color)

FSC229-Rm 2 inventory, for video clip please click here

Table//chair//lamp (stainless steel)//5-drawer dresser (wood natural color) //black fridge (optional additional cost applies)//twin size wood color bed frame//mattress frame//mattress//twin size mattress protector//frame on the wall//light on side table//side table, wood natural color//cable electric white color//garbage can at the corner

FSC229- Rm 3 inventory, for video clip please click here

Garbage can//covers for sum-pump//hangers//side table black color//cloth on top of the side table//double size bed frame (natural wood color)//double mattress frame//double mattress //double mattress protector//decor frame on top of the bed//reading table//reading chair.//reading lamp (stainless steel)//double dressers two in total(the cover for a drawer felt off)





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