How to find a great shared accommodation
- Part 01 of 5 -

The ultimate 2018/19 guide for students and young professionals who are looking for a long-term room in a GREAT shared accommodation in Canada

Written by - Tom Zhang, an engineer who quit his full-time job to create “shared happiness”, one room at a time.

To whom this guide serves?

  1. If you are full-time students, or young professionals who are looking for a shared accommodation for long-term enjoyment, this is for you.
  2. If you are a full-time working professional who are serious of utilizing the power of shared accommodation to save money and meet new friends, here is the exact treasure hunting map to help you find a pot of gold, too.

Why do I write this guide?

The reason is simple, on Google, if you type in “How to find a great shared accommodation? “, there is no answer. Period. (Try it you will see what I mean). To me, it’s simply unbelievable. someone has to do something to fill the gap. And that something better to be unbiased good one.

As a used-to-be student stayed in both dorm in campus and shared accommodation out the campus, and current provider of long-term students housing over the last few years, I have learned that the field of “Shared accommodation” is a wild west, filled with good, bad, and unfortunately, a lot “ugliness”.

For many students and professionals who are new to this market, It’s confusing, overwhelming, and easily get lost with many regrets, unhappy endings and tones of money and time wasted, not to mention some true nightmares (literally) that can easily dwarf your most scary Halloween horror movies (Yes, over the years, i saw them a lot, to tell the truth…)

The following are the 3 main goals I hope to achieve via this article:

  1. Help you find a great room via 5-step system.
  2. Spend only 1/10 of time that most others have to take in finding a room
  3. Save you on average $100.00 per month & living in a better room.

As a used-to-be student renting a room in shared accommodation, and a current landlord with the focus on shared accommodation, I learned the best way to make the most of one’s life is to share what you know the best while keep learning continuously, the rest will follow.  That is why I decide to write this much-needed unbiased guide so that as the customer, you can make educated decision that works the best for you. If you find it is helpful, that will definitely put a big smile on my face. If you have more to share with me and ask, please do let me know too. Thank  you for sharing in advance.

What are the “golden Nuggets” you can pick up from this article:

  1. 5-step system that will guarantee you finding a great room to enjoy happily
  2. Secret weapon makes you way ahead of all other “dream room” hunters
  3. “Room hunting must list” – You don’t need to view 15 properties…
  4. Location, location, location? – it is NOT the same real estate…
  5. # 1 factor to dominate one’s happiness in a shared home?
  6. Instead of asking two most common and hopeless questions…
  7. 80/20 rule applied here that only few know about….
  8. Does one HAVE to viewing the homes before making decision?
  9. Find out if the roommates are good fit without even meeting them?
  10. A secret of saving $100.00/month while living in a better room?

We will mainly explain how the 5-step system helping you to find the great shared accommodation, while spread all the treasures along the way for you to be delighted.

Without further due. Let’s dive right in.

Here are the five-step system that will guide you finding a great shared accommodation.

Step #1 – The homework – WRITE down “Must-have-list” for you coming room.

Step #2 – Online/offline – Nail down 10-15 houses on your first round list.

Step #3 – Interview the landlord – Call or video check.

Step #4 – Viewing the property – Dare to skip it?

Step #5 – Write down and sign off the terms on paper