By December 31, 2022, Flying Stone Canada will have created a global community of 1 million members across 20 countries. Community members will be able to:

1). Happily share beautiful homes

2). Travel the world freely, and

3). Build life-long friendships globally.

The community name, “Culfidant”, is a blend of the words culture and confidant. It is meant to inspire people from various cultures to become true confidants within and beyond our community.

The scholarship aims to nurture and develop true leaders among students who will take on the challenge and make the impossible happen naturally. 

To qualify, you must meet the following TEN criteria: 

  1. Culfidant – You are a post-secondary full-time student, currently living in and/or approved to live in one of the shared homes/suites within “Culfidant” community for an Eight-month or more fixed term. . 
  2. Believer – You strongly believe that true friendship can and will be formed and nurtured among people of different cultures, races, genders, religions, and/or ages.
  3. Listener – You will listen first, and speak last to fully understand the perspective of others, regardless of their seemingly strange behaviour or opinion.
  4. Pace-setter – You will make sure your room is always clean and you will give time and effort to keep our community beautiful and clean, while helping other members to keep up with community criteria.
  5. Catalyst – You passionately promote the communities’ growth by spreading the message and referring 4 or more new members during the 8 month term. 
  6. Cheerleader – You will finish one or more public reviews in various formats (Facebook comment, Google review, Facebook live, Instagram, etc.) sharing your experience in the community.
  7. Doer – You are committed to participate the community events at least 7 times per term in supporting the cause of the community (or 20 hr minimum in 8 months)
  8. Leader – You take on a leadership role by hosting and/or co-hosting one or more community events. You will initiate, prepare, organize, and promote the event with an innovative and creative approach.
  9. Giver – You identify one area (for example, social media marketing, public speaking, teaching and /or practicing a language etc.) to demonstrate a sharing spirit within the community.
  10. Life-long-Learner – You will always remain curious and never stop learning and growing. We strongly recommend you read books and share you most inspirational with community members.

The total amount of the scholarship will be $500.00 and will be awarded at the end of your current or upcoming term, with an official scholarship ceremony.

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