Carmap Fee structure

Below is the fee structures of the CARMAP service (lastly updated in Dec, 2021)

  1. The standard service fee – the default option is $35.00/month.
    1. You pay nothing till the A+ tenant has been attracted and move-in. 
    2. The consecutive monthly payment will start on the move-in day for the next 5 years. 
    3. In the 5-year term, you may access CARMAP service anytime you need to attract A+ tenants. 
    4. You may also choose one-time payment of $1800.00 if you prefer, payable when the A+ tenants has signed the lease agreement. You may still use CARMAP service anytime you like during the next 5-year term. 
  2. CARMAP set-up fee
    1. $500.00 one-time only fee needs to be paid when you fill in the application form to allow us to set up CARMAP platform. 
    2. Each rental home shall have its own CARMAP platform set up individually. 
  3. Green-view service fee
    1. $399.00 for the optional green-view service if applicable. 
    2. Upon the community showing agent’s availability, this option may and/or not be available. 
    3. It shall cover multiple showings till A+ tenants are attracted. 
    4. It is not applicable if the rental home is current occupied.
  4. Professional trip fee
    1. $199.00 shall be charged per trip for our staff to visit the rental home, including but not limited to professional video/pics taken tour/visit. 
    2. The set-up fee shall include the first professional video/pics taken visit. 
  5. Others
    1. All the prices above are GST and/or PST exclusive. 
    2. the prices are subject to be adjusted with no advanced notice. 
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