The following is the special offer to celebrate the first launch of Carmap in Edmonton area: 

From now till 2022-02-28, the first 200 users who choose to try out Carmap service, we offer the following, for the total investment of $1800.00 (instead of regular cost of $2,300.00), we will 

find you A+ tenants in 45 days or we work for free. 


  • how to count 45 days – starting from the day carmap platform are fully ready and activated (3 national wide ads have been switched on) to the day the prospect’s application has been processed and approved as A+ tenant (score as 14 or higher out of 18 CARMAP total score)
  • how the investment being processed:
    • you will make the first payment of set up fee of $500.00 at the time you register the application form to use the CARMAP service. 
    • We set up Carmap and attract A+ tenants within 45 days or less.  and we guarantee you 5-year of enjoyment of CARMAP service, meaning you may use it anytime you need during the 5-year warranty time. 
    • If we can not find you A+ tenants within the first 45 days, and you decide to use CARMAP service continuously till find the A+ tenant, $1300.00 fee will be waived and you still enjoy all the benefit during the rest of the 5-year warranty time (all you need is to pay the $500.00 to set up the service). 
    • If no A+ tenants is attracted within the first 45 days, and you decide not to use the service further, we will turn the CARMAP service off and return the set up fee fully, no question asked. 


The following are the conditions to qualify for the special offer above. 

  • A+ home – you are committed to bring your home up to A+ home in order to attract A+ tenants. We will send you the checklist for you to follow up and reserve the right to turn down the homes that is not qualified to start with. 
  • Market rents – You accept the so called “marketing rents” decided and fine-tuned by the carmap algorithm, in order to qualify the special offer. 
  • 45-day term – If within the 45 days term or by the end of it, you have attracted A+ tenants who have reached/passed 14+ score via CARMAP application process, but decided not to go ahead, the 45 day condition shall still be regarded as achieved. 
  • The time line – will be started now till 2022-02-28. 
  • The max# – the first 200 users who have ordered the carmap service
  • The deadline – shall be regarded as either the time line or the max # of users, depending on which one reaches the limit first. 
  • The payment options
    • Default option – $30.00/month (instead of regular of $35.00/month) payment for 5-year term. Or
    • Lump-sum option – A total of $1,300.00 (regular is $1800.00) can be made upon the sign-off of the lease agreement with A+ tenants.
    • All the prices are subjected to additional GST and/or provincial taxes if applicable. 
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