Q107, When should I receive the 24-hr advanced notice and how does it work?

How do home visits and advanced notices work? There are two scenarios when we need to access the properties. non-emergency and emergency. No emergency cases include, not limited to, the following: 01). various inspections to ensure our clients enjoy the home safe and sound. the examples of such inspections are: 1. The first home visit within the first week after you move in, 2. 1-3 times of annual safety inspections 1-3 time safety inspection 3. Maintenance-related access (with the exceptions when you choose to stay at…


Condo Investement – A Dare Prediction to 2037

Let's mark the date - March 20, 2019, is the date this record happened. For more about this article on CBC "Don't have a hope - Edmonton Condo Sales Slump Drags on" - Click here for the article I happened to work on my newly developed model to guide my personal investment. To test it out, I plugged all the numbers as close as I can, and what I concluded that in around 2037, this property should be back to the break-even status if the owner…


Run as fast as you can

Run as fast as you can For the post in mandarin, click here. For the talk on you-tube, click here) For many investors, especially the ones who are just getting started. Condo style rentals are normally the top choice on the selection list. The advantages are many. To name a few Cheap - easy to get one without breaking your bank.  Hassle-free - once condo fee paid, no worry about the grass cutting, snow removal, etc.  Great location - most of the condos are snazzy looking…



跑得越远越好 (click here for English version, Click here for the talk on you-tube) 为什么投资人应该谨慎投资公寓(condo rental) 有很多刚开始做民用住宅房地产投资的投资人来讲, 投资公寓单元 (condo unit) 看起来是个不错的选择. 有很多显而易见的好处可以信手拈来 价格便宜 - 上手比较容易,不需要很多启动资金投入。 麻烦少 - 交完管理费后,割草除雪都不用操心 黄金地段周围的设施很吸引人,交通方便 管理容易 - 出租房客入住简单,维修含量很少 正如每一个陷阱, 从表面上看他很吸引人,甚至是完美无缺。公寓楼单元投资,也并不例外。从表面上看似简单时髦,省劲儿, 一旦你深陷其中,再想脱身恐怕为时已晚 这里就跟大家分享一下为什么,你应该尽量远离公寓投资的三个主要原因 极有可能非常差的长期增值空间 命中注定, 少或者是负的现金流 快速让你美梦变噩梦-时间越长,结果越惨 下面就跟大家简单解释一下 - 为什么会这样? 首先判断一个民用房产投资是否值得的三个重要因素是 第一, 未来的增值空间。 第二, 现金流的强度。 第三, 长期持有的指数增值 首先能够让房产长久增值的真正关键原因实际上是土地. 从这一点你就能看出来为什么公寓楼投资先天不足的一个重要原因 - 缺乏土地的含金量。导致了将来任何可能的增长空间缺乏强有力的支撑 第2个重要的投资关键因素是现金流,很多了解我的朋友都知道,我喜欢用母鸡下蛋来做比喻下的鸡蛋,就是现金流,这个母鸡胖一点瘦一点,其实没有太大的关系,只要能够保证每天的鸡蛋,就会有细水长流的收入。对于公寓出租房来讲,一般有两个严重的问题会影响你的正常现金流的收入。 (01). 第1个问题就是供大于求,由于公寓房极易建造,大规模增投入进市场,你随时和成千上万的不同公寓房在竞争,这样竞争下来的结果就是房租下降租客得利,而你就是受损的一方。 (02). 第2个问题就是永远在增长的管理费。这其实又是一个公寓楼的致命问题,这是他的机制所决定的,无法避免。这有一点儿像共产主义的概念一样,从理论上讲听起来非常好,但在实际操作中问题很多,甚至根本无法实现. 永远捉襟见肘的房租,永远增长的管理费,你就可以想象你的现金流将会是多么的惨淡 最后简单提一下,长期持有的指数增长力度 对于一个好的房地产,持有的时间越长你的时间叠加,指数增长力度就会越强劲; 反过来如果这个投资产品先天不足,时间越长你输的越惨。 公寓投资有一个一开始你看不见的隐形杀手,三五年以后他就会露出他的狰狞面部,这个杀手的名字叫特殊筹款基金 (Special assessment). 不是想吓唬谁,它到了一定的程度,你真会感觉到那种叫天天不应叫地地不灵的悲惨境状... 简单的总结一下。公寓投资表面上看起来很光鲜,我劝投资人尽量远离,原因有三个: 长久增值乏力, 现金流捉襟见肘, 隐形杀手,暗处在等你... 所以我建议跑的越远越快越好,别怪我没提醒你哦


A boring story maybe. Not the message…

How do I know I can trust him/her? ​(a method I would like to share to start a decent tenancy...) ​ ​Regardless of landlords or tenants, the most critical question one should always ask is "how can I tell for sure he/she is trustworthy before it is too late?". I would like to share a method that I have borrowed from my 20+ years of experience as an engineer. It has allowed me to quit my job, run my rental business, put food on the table…


How does 24 hrs advanced notice work for the showing arrangment

Quite often, people do not exactly know what to be expected when the culfidant agents/home care specialists show the residences to the prospective. This post give you a quick run-down on how it works.  First of all, How Alberta tenancy act applies. As per the act, it says when it comes to arrange the showing of the residence that is still occupied and going to be available soon to the public, the showing may be arranged and conducted as long as the current tenant are given…


How to save $2388 a year while you share and care

How to save $2,388 a year while sharing home happily! The math is simple: when you choose to enjoy one of FSC standard shared student accommodation, you can save a minimum of $2,388.00 on an annual basis versus you rent along:  Fully furnished room, $50.00/month saved comparing to buy everything on your own In-suite laundry ($27.00/month comparing to pay the laundry coins (or even more if you buy a fancy set of washer and dryer) Wi-Fi cost of $72.00/month, otherwise you have to pay with the fear…


Is this area good or bad?

“Is this house in a good or bad area?” - a seemingly simple question with the answer of a bit more than yes or no, because the definition of good/bad varies depending on what you need. In this post, I would like to use Edmonton, a typical city in Canada, as an example, to demonstrate what good or bad truly means to different people, and how to make an informed decision by the students/working professionals who are looking for a great shared home. First of all,…


Duct Cleaning – Myth or Necessity?

One of the most common questions being asked is this"I saw a flyer says it is time to clean up my ducts, should it be done? As there are many "motivated" furnace cleaning companies telling the world the answer is an absolutely "YES" or else... Is this a no brainer, or there is more to it? Instead of jumping into any conclusion quickly, we would like to share with you, our valuable clients, unbiased information and then we can make an informed decision together. We would like to invite…


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