Wired, huge and green…

For some reason I wasn't not quite sure yet, I all of sudden remembered a student with a huge green wired hat on his last day of his co-op term in Suncor, where I had worked 10 years ago. Ryan had been in our engineering team as a co-op student for 4 months and I couldn't even notice him or remembered him. How could I? He was quite normal. I would politely say he is good looking, with fair height, and good personality, and if you…


CO, Silent but deadly

bleow is the info on how can the CO leads to deadly problem and how can it be montiored: CO, Silent but deadly, Page 01 of 4 CO, Silent but deadly, Page 02 of 4 CO, Silent but deadly, Page 03 of 4 CO, Silent but deadly, Page 04 of 4


2 Whys: The first, Why should you invest into Real Estate??

2 whys I guess there is no need to tell everyone here that why you need to invest. Going through the economic crisis that we are still in right now, everybody has learned in a hard way that a well-informed investment is a must to secure our own financial future, or to some extent, our true freedom and destiny. So let’s go straight to what I called “2 whys” Why No 01, why should we invest into real estate? There are numerous ways of investing, why…


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