Dear friends, thank you for dropping by! 

Like attracts like and you deserve only the best. That is why we believe as a great customer of Amoud Restaurant, you, your family and friends, also deserve the homes chosen from the great rentals that are cared for by Flying Stone Canada Ltd on behalf of the best landlords in Edmonton! 

Flying Stone Canada Ltd has been in the rental business for over 15 years and runs a local community called “Culfidant”, Unlike other people simply rent houses, our community members of landlords and tenants “share homes happily, travel cultures freely, and make friends globally”

If you are looking for a new place to call home, take a look on the suites and furnished room available in this page, pick the one you like, text or call us at (587) 774-1206 and mention you find us via this business, and we will take care you just like they do! And on your move-in day, we will welcome you with a gift card of $50.00 to enjoy your favorite treat/service here!

If you know one of your friends looking for a new home, simply forward this page to your friends and let them mention your name when they call us. Once they have been approved, again, we will send you a $50.00 gift card of this business (and your friends will get one gift card of $50.00 here as well!). And you are more than welcome to do this repeatedly to multiple friends so that you can enjoy more gifts and we can connect more great residents to enjoy our homes happily ever after!

Text or call us at 587-774-1206 for any further assistance and have fun

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Disclaimer: This page is exclusively for the clients of both Amoud Restaurant and Flying Stone Canada Ltd. They are eligible to participate in the project called “connecting Greatness”. Flying Stone Canada Ltd may reserve the right to modify, change and/or terminate the project with or without any advanced notice.