The Story about our tag-line: “Make Impossible Happen Naturally”

During a hot day of August, 2011, I was at the office still working at my old job. I asked a new graduate in the office this question: “What would you say if I were to start a company with the tagline “Make Impossible Happen”? He paused for a few seconds and said, “it is pretty lame, to tell you the truth”. Then I asked, “How about ‘Make Impossible Happen Naturally?’” and he jumped over it with excitement. Two months later, I handed in my resignation letter,  quit my job of 20 years as a chemical engineer, and dedicated my life to starting a business called Flying Stone Canada Ltd., full time.

Aimed to be the provider of top-class rental housing for families, and best shared accommodation for university and college students, we strive to be different from conventional landlords or property management companies all because of this tagline. To name a few:

We were told that it was IMPOSSIBLE to not be a slump-landlord or to be a great property manager. We thought, “Why not?”

We were  told it was IMPOSSIBLE to expect tenants to truly respect and care about rental properties as their own. We thought, “Why not?”

We were  told it was IMPOSSIBLE to expect students housing to be anything but messy and filled with wild parties. We thought, “Why not?”

Today, we know all these seeming “impossibles” have been our daily reality gradually and naturally, as long as that one thing is right from the start, that is

when the RIGHT seeds are being planted, nurtured, and grown NATURALLY by the ones who truly believe in miracles.  

Below are our three natural seeds (or goals) we have started, even before the birth date of Flying Stone.

Our Goals

– Build a healthy relationship between home-owners (Use to call “Landlords”) and residents (Used to be called “Tenants”) to care about a place we all call our “HOMES”. That is why you won’t find the words “landlords” or “tenants” in our service. It is all about how we can happily share and live in our homes and beyond. We believe it is about time to let the old mentality of property manager, landlord, tenants go, once and for all. And to us, it is not a happy ending, but just a happy beginning….

When we travel around the world, we start to “travel” various cultures freely, embarked with curiosity and diversity.

To take a step further, when students and young professionals share a home together, we travel each other’s cultures of custom, family, religions freely, again, awesome learning and grow opportunity to these with open minds.

–Now, let’s take one more step further. How a landlord and a tenant can build a relationship together, is called the renting culture. Today’s renters are likely tomorrow’s landlords and versus via. To be able to see through other’s eyes is a new renting culture we’d like to be able to travel through. When we understand who our clients really are, what they really want, we can do a way better job to serve those desires and needs. When a client starts to think in a way of homeowner, they will find the true beauty of sharing and love.

For centuries, friends are the ones you’ve hung out with since kindergarten. The ones from the neighbors house just doors away.  The ones that are your age or only a few years apart. Not anymore. Today, friends can be the ones with strong accents and different color of skins but brave and warm hearts. Friends can be reached with just a fingertip, while they are thousands of miles away. Friends now can be as old as your grandparents, as long as our hearts are forever young.