Green Viewing

When the solution is simple, God is answering – Albert Einstein

———“GreenViewing” ———

View the house whenever you like,  show the house wherever we like.


Here is the  “FUN” way on how GreenViewing works

Fill in the form below to book your viewing. 

Unleash the power of Internet and Social media-We connect via Facebook, Zoom, WhatsApp, etc, and test the video chat prior to viewing

Now you at the house, we start video chat and get you in, look around, and answer any question you may have.

With no further due, let’s get this “FUN” journey started!


“GreenViewing” not only lets you to view homes IN PERSON ANYTIME you like, it also reduces CO2 emission by 15.43 lbs/viewing, as instead of driving around, landlord now can stay where he like and show you the place over Video chat – Fantastic “win-win” solution for customer, landlord and the planet!

Since 2017-11-01, GreenViewing has cut   4,444.52 lbs CO2 emission while helped 288 people to find and live in their dream homes happily ever after…