How “Green Viewing” (GV) works

Ever felt frustrated that you have to miss the dream-house simply because your schedule doesn’t work? or wait outside the door forever while the owner/landlord stucking in the traffic? or have to cancell the pre-scheduled showing due to unexpected matters in short notice?

Not anymore! “Green Viewing” is our innovated showing program that allows you to view the property at the time that works BEST for you, while our showing staff is “acompanying” your via ViDEO conference on your cell phone. Here is how it works in a nutshell:

  1. We book you in for showing at the Time and Date that fits YOUR shedule the best
  2. You download free app  called “ZOOM” to your phone (has data plan or wi-fi access) 
  3. Upon  your arrival, we start and join you to ZOOM video meeting and show you the house.  

It is efficicent, sleek, and works like a charm! thanks for the high-tech and creativity! To make this program even more rewarding, below are PRIZES:

  1. Each Greenviewing reduces ~19.23 lbs of CO2 emission by eliminating the need from us driving back and forth for showing. and yes, together, we do change the world for better!
  2. You will be rewarded a $25.00 green-viewing credit go toward your rent, our way to thank you for making a greener planet together!

Ready to “Go Green”? Just fill in the form below and you are all set! Why can’t we make life less complicated and more fun & rewarding, just like this?

FSC Green Viewing Booking Form